Public Health in Peril: Assessing the Impact of Ongoing Conflict in Gaza Strip (Palestine) and Advocating Immediate Action to Halt Atrocities




Doctors Without Frontiers, Emergency, Genocide, Global Health, Humanitarian Crisis, Peace, Violence, War


Background: The protracted Israel-Palestine conflict has once again escalated, resulting in a dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip (Palestine). This brief report aims to provide an objective overview of the historical roots of the conflict, its impact on public health, and a call to action to end the ongoing atrocities.

Methods: A literature search was conducted on PubMed, focusing on the period after the recent escalation in October 2023. Seven relevant papers were identified, serving as primary sources for this analysis.

Results: We begin by presenting an unbiased historical account of the Israel-Palestine conflict and tracing its origins to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This historical context forms the foundation for comprehending the current crisis and the urgent appeal for humanitarian intervention. The escalating violence has placed immense strain on the healthcare system in Gaza Strip (Palestine), resulting in overwhelmed hospitals, critically low medical supplies, and severe hardships for healthcare workers. Furthermore, the civilian population, especially children, bears the brunt of the conflict, with high casualties and long-term trauma. Urgent calls for a ceasefire, protection of civilians, and the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid are emphasized. Finally, the necessity of addressing these issues through an objective academic lens is emphasized to foster a deeper understanding of multifaceted conflict.

Conclusion: The catastrophic impact of ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip (Palestine) on public health is undeniable. Immediate action is imperative to halt atrocities, protect civilian lives, and support medical personnel in their life-saving mission. The call for an objective evaluation of the complex factors at play transcends historical grievances and political differences.

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Ben Saad, H., & Dergaa, I. (2023). Public Health in Peril: Assessing the Impact of Ongoing Conflict in Gaza Strip (Palestine) and Advocating Immediate Action to Halt Atrocities. New Asian Journal of Medicine, 1(2), 1-6.

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