Aspetar Clinical Guideline: Ramadan Fasting and Exercise for Healthy Individuals




Athlete Performance; Chronobiology; Exercise; Expert Panel Consensus; Health and Fitness; Hydration; Lifestyle Recommendations; Nutrition; Sleep


During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, healthy adult Muslims observe fasting as an integral part of their religious practice. This dawn to dust daily fasting regimen for over 29-30 days involves strict adherence to various lifestyle aspects, including nutrition, hydration, and sleep patterns, which can potentially influence physical performance. It is often observed that Ramadan fasting may deter athletes from training and participating in competitions, and it can also discourage the general community from engaging in physical exercise. This situation can place practicing Muslim athletes at a competitive disadvantage. Therefore, the objective of this clinical guideline was to offer practical recommendations, supported by consensus from an expert panel, for healthy athletes and their support teams on how to effectively adapt their behavioural, social, and psychological strategies to cope with the changes and constraints imposed by Ramadan fasting. The scope of these recommendations extends beyond merely prescribing appropriate exercise routines during the month of Ramadan, but also encompassing considerations like scheduling, intensity, duration, exercise type, and training load. Additionally, the recommendations address various aspects of lifestyle, including nutrition, hydration, and sleep, while also delving into psychosocial and cognitive facets related to Ramadan fasting. It is important to emphasize that these recommendations are intended for healthy individuals. Patients with chronic illnesses should consult their healthcare providers to ensure that they can safely practice Ramadan fasting.

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Chamari, K., Aziz, A. R., Jamai, T. M., AL Sayrafi, O., Khalladi, K., Bragazzi, N. L., Chaouachi, A., Chtourou, H., & Ben Saad, H. (2023). Aspetar Clinical Guideline: Ramadan Fasting and Exercise for Healthy Individuals. New Asian Journal of Medicine, 1(2), 7-19.

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