Special Issue: Enhancing Scholarly Writing in Medical Sciences


Special Issue: Enhancing Scholarly Writing in Medical Sciences
Editor: Prof. Helmi Ben Saad

The New Asian Journal of Medicine proudly presents its first special issue entitled "Enhancing Scholarly Writing in Medical Sciences: Promoting Clear, Comprehensive, and Impactful Communication," edited by Prof. Helmi Ben Saad. This edition is dedicated to improving scholarly writing across various domains of medical science, offering insights into writing well-structured original research, narrative reviews, and commentaries. It will cover effective methods for writing abstracts and conclusions, the use of Artificial Intelligence in academic writing, and strategies to avoid plagiarism. Additionally, it provides practical advice on enhancing writing skills and details the meticulous process of performing systematic reviews.

Call for Papers:

We invite submissions that explore:

  • Techniques for writing clear and impactful medical research.
  • Guides on composing thorough original research, case report, narrative reviews and methodological commentaries.
  • Analyses of different AI tools that aid in academic writing.
  • Strategies for effectively articulating the core elements of academic articles, from abstracts to conclusions, ensuring clarity and precision in summarizing key findings and implications
  • Articles outlining systematic review processes from planning to execution.

Authors may also consider submitting papers on related topics such as the role of peer reviews in enhancing manuscript quality, the evolution of medical writing as a field, or comparative analyses of writing styles across different medical disciplines.

Submission Invitation:

Authors are encouraged to submit papers that align with the themes of this special issue. Papers that are not explicitly listed but still relate to enhancing scholarly communication in medical sciences are also welcome. 

Submission Deadline:

The deadline for submissions is October 2025. We look forward to your contributions, which will help shape this vital discourse and enhance the quality of scholarly medical writing worldwide.